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Top 10 LA tattoo studios

Here is a look at our choice for best tattoo shops in Los Angeles:

Studio City Tattoo And Body Piercing

Quick Fact: Studio City is a well-known staple of top 10 tattooing in LA.

Artists: Jason Tucker, Gabe Godinez, Justin Nero, Jose Menendez, William Doolittle, Mike Erwin, Capt Dave, Emily Grant


American Electric Tattoo

Quick Fact: Experience is an understatement. The shop’s owner Craig Jackman has been tattooing for over 40 years.

Artists: Craig Jackman, Julie Bolene, Sagent Staygold, Sean Smith, Johnny Vampotna, Roger Wankenobi


Shamrock Social Club

Quick Fact: Mark Mahoney’s Shamrock Social Club is one of the most unique tattoo destinations on earth. The studio, dubbed as a “tattoo studio where the elite and the underground meet” is just that, a location in which superstars and ordinary tattoo artists congregate to talk everything ink.

Artists: Mark Mahoney, Dr. Woo, Louie Perez, East The Asian Typhoon, Asa Lee Crow III, Freddy Negrete, Danny Romo, Isaiah Negrete, Rick Walters, Max Hanson


Zulu Tattoo

Quick Fact: Zulu is one of the most sought after names in all of Los Angeles tattooing. 

Artists: Zulu, Manu Farrarons, Kody, Christina, Bill Kieffer, Adam


Broken Art Tattoo

Quick Fact: Tucked away in an “easy to miss” underground shop, Broken Art is not a shop you want to leave off your radar. See the awesome work of Jeremy Swan.

Artists: Jeremy Swan, Derek Everette, Matt Soderberg, Dillon Eaves, Josue Acosta


Timeless Tattoo

Quick Fact: One of the more versatile shops in LA and special appearances from Chris Saint.

Artists: Connor Garritty, Justin Coppolino, Tawnee Diaz, Emily Geiger


Unbreakable Tattoo

Quick Fact: A no nonsense home for the best of traditional tattooing.

Artists: Sung Song, Jim Sylvia, Julian Zeff, Joel Kennedy, Mark Dupp, Jason Kundell, Jeff Meyer


Kat Von D’s High Voltage Tattoo

Quick Fact: High Voltage Tattoo is the highly popularized brain child of Kat Von D. Boasting over 1M combined social followers, HVT, is arguably the most well known tattoo shop in all of North America. Located 1259 N La Brea Ave, in Hollywood, walk-ins are still welcome.

Artists: Nate Fierro, Kevin Lewis, Adrian Gallegos, Kat Von D, Khoi Nguyen, Mikey Carrasco


Art & Soul Tattoo

Quick Fact: Making the people of LA beautiful for over 20 years.

Artists: Danny Chan, Tiffany Garcia, Luis House, Marco Brava, Erika Stanley


Shogun Tattoo

Quick Fact: The best place in town for Asian inspired tattooing.

Artists: Andrew Moore, Pete Castro, Joe Reno, Tony Action, Charles Belnavis


The Honorable Society

Quick Fact: Probably the nicest tattoo shop of all time.

ArtistsMonty Siam, Justin Tauch, Marco Cerretelli, Rus Laich, Kristen Fancher, Tim Lebron, Joe Saava


June 13, 2017
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