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Tattoo’s and Technology

3 Ways the Tattoo Industry is Changing with Technology

For many tattoo artists, new technology is changing the way they do business. Not only is it helping them attract new clients, it’s helping them run their business more smoothly. Professional tattoo artists take their art seriously and now, backed by the latest technology innovations, the world can take them – and pay them – seriously as well.

Here are three ways technology is changing the tattoo industry for the better.

  1. Social Media. Through various social media platforms, tattoo artists are able to showcase their designs, helping artists to create powerful followings that not only give them a name in the industry, but that can also fill up their appointment books. These platforms also provide inspiration for other artists, being able to see the shape and form tattoos are taking in other parts of the world. By instantly being able to share tattoo designs and processes, the world of tattoos is connected, helping it to grow and thrive in the world today.

These three tattoo artists have seen their businesses explode thanks to the following they have on Instagram:

One powerful social media site specifically for the tattoo industry is MyTattooist which is an Instagram cross Yelp inspired site.

Certified Tattoo Artist

  1. Tablet Designs. Today’s tablets are allowing tattoo artists to design incredible pieces of body art in a whole new way. Not just limited to paper or sketching designs on the skin, tattoo artists now can use digital technology to create new forms of tattoo art. New tablets designed specific for tattoo artists, like the Wacom tablet, allow designs to be perfected, and approved, with ease. Complicated geometric designs, for example, can become flawless thanks to the help of digital technology. Furthermore, new tablets allow artists to sketch directly on the screen, easily creating a stencil that can be printed out for a tattoo session. Unlike the old days where a client asking for a modification might mean an entire re-sketch, now with tablets artists can make instant modifications that help keep the tattoo process moving along smoothly. This, at the end of the day, means happier clients and more of them.

One of our favorite tablet design software is AutoDesk SketchBook where you can sketch your design freehand, then use the computer to turn this into bold perfect lines then ultimately a stencil, see the process below.

Certified Tattoo ArtistCertified Tattoo ArtistCertified Tattoo Artist

  1. Social Acceptance. As more people see tattoos and tattoo artists through digital mediums, the more socially accepted they are becoming. Once for society members on the fringe, tattoos are becoming more mainstream, which for growing businesses, is important. With more people looking for tattoos, the demand for quality artists grows, allowing professional artists to make a real living from their craft. While some may complain that this type of acceptance is turning tattoos into a commodity, artists are enjoying busier shops and success that allow them to pay the bills.

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And this is just the beginning.

New technology is looking at the possibility of fusing tattoos and computers, creating “smart features” – the same you might find on a FitBit – that are integrated directly into the skin. While there are still a lot of factors that will go into this type of technology becoming available to the public, it’s definitely on the radar of tattoo innovators and tech junkies alike.

September 27, 2017
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