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[heading]Tattoo Scholarships are available[/heading]
We at Certified Tattoist strive hard to achieve perfection for students. However, all our hard work sometimes cannot be realized to its fullest potential due to affordability, this is why we have dedicated 10 scholarships every single month for students, so you have a 1 in 10 chance on average of being selected, and you can even re-apply every singly month!

There are 7 scholarships for our Aspiring Tattoo Artist designation and 3 for our Certified Tattoo Artist designation every month, you can only apply once, per month and must select which you are applying for.

If selected, these scholarships provide you with a whopping 80% discount, Thats right, its not a typo, 80% !!!!

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[heading]Why Certified Tattooist[/heading]
We are the world's largest online site offering the highest standard in tattoo courses. The standard of Certified Tattooist is considered the 'Gold Standard' by the best industry professionals as we have alumni in 97 countries around the world.

Our Aspiring Tattoo Artist (ATA) degree is the highest standard for individuals wanting to get into the industry, on average degree holders have a 37% higher chance of obtaining a tattoo apprenticeship over non-degree holders. Tattoo artists and shops love this because they are confident that graduates have a great advantage in knowledge, and determination.

The worlds highest standard in Tattoo Certification is our Certified Tattoo Artist (CTA) Degree, with industry standards varying so much around the world the CTA qualification provides a universal benchmark for the elite tattoo artists, anywhere around the world tattoo enthusiasts will know that the tattoo artist has been through rigorous training to obtain their CTA designation.

[agroup first="1" connect="89"] [accordion title="How to apply" connect="89"] Simply go to the Contact Us page and send us an email with the subject 'Scholarship Applicant' and state why you should be chosen, you have to really sell yourself and your story here. [/accordion] [accordion title="When are scholarships chosen" connect="89"] We select scholarships on the 1st day of every month, for months that we have too many amazing submissions, we literally take all the best, place them in a hat and draw out the winners. [/accordion] [accordion title="Philosophy" connect="89"] We understand being the best tattoo artist is hard, which is why we grant scholarships, to ensure access to the best education available, helping start your career or launching to new heights. [/accordion] [/agroup]





Thank you so so much for my scholarship, it helped me get my apprenticeship I could't have gotten so soon otherwise! Love you guys!

-Simon Rodrigues

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