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Built by the best tattoo artists in the world for aspiring tattoo artists, the ATAC earns its students a unique advantage in the tattoo industry, setting them apart from other artists and building instant credibility with prospective employers and clients.

It is a 100% online course offered in partnership with the Red Cross, providing their highly regarded BloodBorne Pathogens training qualification alongside all the vital tattoo knowledge students will need.

The average student completes the ATAC within 5 days, studying just a couple hours each day, but it can be completed within one day of full time study.

The final exam consists of 5 Multiple Choice and 5 True or False questions on each topic covered. There are 50 questions in total, each question being worth 2 points, for a total of 100 points for the course.

The minimum passing grade is 70%. Students are allowed three attempts at the examination.

Course Curriculum

Topic 1: History of Tattoos
1.0 History of Tattoo’s Unlimited
1.1 Tattoo History Quiz 00:20:00
Topic 2: Introduction to Tattoo Machines
2.0 Introduction to Tattoo Machines Unlimited
2.1 Tattoo Machines Quiz 00:20:00
Topic 3: Introduction to Tattoo Needles
3.0 Introduction to Tattoo Needles Unlimited
3.1 Tattoo Needles Quiz 00:20:00
Topic 4: Introduction to Tattoo Inks
4.0 Introduction to Tattoo Inks Unlimited
4.1 Tattoo Inks Quiz 00:20:00
Topic 5: Tattoo Industry Occupational Health and Safety
6.0 Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety Unlimited
5.1 Tattoo Health and Safety Quiz 00:20:00
5.2 BloodBorne Pathogens and Infections Certification Unlimited

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