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Mission & Vision



"To lead the tattoo profession globally by promoting the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence for the ultimate benefit of society"

The mission of Certified Tattooist is served by generating value for core tattoo professionals and engaging with the core tattoo industry to advance ethics, market integrity, and professional standards of practice, which collectively contributes value to society.

Core tattoo professionals are those individuals primarily involved in activities related to the tattoo-making process—generally artists, studio manager, apprentices and aspiring apprentices.

The core tattoo industry is comprised of tattoo studios, tattoo enthusiasts, tattoo removal specialists, tattoo equipment suppliers, and their related regulators.

"Serve all tattoo professionals seeking tattoo-related education, knowledge, professional development, connection, or inspiration and to lead the tattoo profession's thinking in the areas of ethics, market integrity, and excellence of practice"

Certified Tattooist aims to have raised the bar globally for tattoo artists with offering three distinguished qualifications, for the entry level an Apiring Tattoo Artists certificate, for the experienced a Certified Tattoo Artists CTA qualification and for the studio managers or those wanting to up-skill a Studio Manager Diploma.

It is our belief that by offering these three qualifications and bringing an advanced uniformity of expertise to the tattoo industry that we together can help change the industry for the best, so no one needs to stress over their tattoo artist and their expertise again.


We believe that tattoo markets and services should operate in the following ways:

- Tattoo professionals contribute to the ultimate benefit of society through the sustainable value generated by efficient tattoo standards and by effective tattoo studios.

- Good stewardship and high ethical standards are necessary for trust and confidence to be secured and for society to be served. Tattoo markets should afford every enthusiast the opportunity to receive the best possible tattoo.

- Tattoo markets are more effective with knowledgeable, diverse participants.

- High ethical principles and professional standards are essential to positive outcomes; rules and regulations, while necessary, are not sufficient by themselves.

As a global independent organization, we play a role in being a steward and champion of the tattoo industry.

In addition to direct benefits to their clients, the work of tattoo professionals and the impact of the tattoo industry also benefits society through improved client outcomes and the resulting effective referral of artists that drives economic growth and development.

[heading]Tattooist Executives[/heading]

Trent Revic

Founder/ CEO

Romin Nabi

Financial Operations Manager

Chase Macer

General Manager

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